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Now you can experience F# in the car, on your bike and in the shower.

Hosted by Troy Kershaw

Latest shows

In this show Troy talks to Rachel Reese about a new startup she has joined, Jet.com, and how they are set to revolutionize ecommerce. Rachel explains how F# is helping them achieve this and how it fits into Jet's technology stack.


In this episode Troy talks to Richard (Rick) Minerich about machine learning in F#. Rick tells us how he got started in machine learning, the good and bad parts of using F# and how he is currently writing machine learning algorithms in F# to find money launderers. It's quite an adventure.


Join us as we talk about the F# Foundation, what it is, and what the future holds. We discuss its formation, how it is now a non-profit organisation and how you can get involved. We also talk about how fast the F# community is growing and some of the resources available for you to get started using the language.


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